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Affordable enjoyment thanks to last minutes to Germany on the coast

The German coast stretches along the North and Baltic Seas, and has numerous historic sites, picturesque dunes and wide sandy beaches. The keen walker, culture enthusiast and sunbather can all easily enjoy the summer here to their hearts content.

Swimming, paddling and building sandcastles with the children are certainly among the possibilities. But a sportier seaside holiday can be enjoyed too. The East and North Frisian islands on the North Sea coast in Germany are very popular with both sailors and surfers. The turbulent weather plays a part in this. The seaside resorts such as St.Peter-Ording guarantee a successful last minute summer holiday to Germany. On the Baltic coast, located in the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the weather is a little more clement. This is why it is a popular destination for families or holidaymakers looking for some peace and quiet. The islands of Hiddensee, Usedom, Fehmarn and Rügen attract thousands of tourists every year. A day of relaxation in the vast dunes with the waves lapping in the background helps you leave behind all the stresses of everyday life.

A holiday home in Germany as a base for a winter sports holiday

In winter, it is the beautiful ski resorts that make Germany an attractive destination. Contrary to what is expected, the country has numerous slopes of different aptitude levels. Both novice and seasoned skiers can go here for a week of great snow fun.

For a short trip, the many offers in the Sauerland are worth considering. This region has many quiet slopes that are ideal for children to learn how to ski. However, those who want to be sure of snow will benefit from a trip to Bavaria. The area's higher altitude means you can ski to your heart's content here every winter. In addition, there is also a wide range of après-ski facilities and 'beer and sausage' restaurants.
If you want to enjoy local traditions and culture as well as the snow, you should definitely consider a stay in one of the villages around Feldberg. Authentic carnival processions are organised here every year. Each village sends a delegation dressed in their local mascot. The parade takes place on different days in several villages and looks folkloristic. It is a unique spectacle for adults and children alike.

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Cheap last minutes to Germany for keen walkers

Nature lovers and hikers will also be pleasantly surprised by Germany. The country has a wide range of attractive hiking areas, the six most popular being: the Eifel, Sauerland,Rhine and Moselle, Bavaria, Harz and Black Forest regions.

The diverse landscape in Germany ensures walks never get boring. Hikes are interspersed with unique views, mysterious forests, picturesque villages and exciting extras. Around Boppard, for example, there are several hiking trails that promise a special adventure. They lead the hiker along mountains, valleys, watercourses and forests, to end up in the rustic town. If you want to see everything from a height, you can take the chairlift to the Vierseenblick and Gedeonseck lookout points. From there you will see a breathtaking landscape. Afterwards you have the opportunity to relax with a delicious glass of local wine from the Bopparder Hamm region, during a genuine wine tasting experience. The other hiking areas in Germany also often offer interesting additional activities. Be sure to check out the extras when looking for a last minute in Germany.

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City breaks in Germany: discover wondrous Berlin

Several cities in Germany are worth a visit, but the absolute winner is without a doubt Berlin. This city has everything the modern city tripper dreams of. You can go shopping, there is a vibrant nightlife and the city oozes culture and history. A city break offer to Berlin simply has to be grabbed.

The main sights of the city are often linked to the Berlin Wall and its fall. The absolute symbol of German unity is the Brandenburg Gate. Checkpoint Charlie was once the most famous border crossing between East and West Germany. The East Side Gallery is the best preserved and longest part of the wall, and thanks to the many murals, a unique open-air museum. Potsdamer Platz was for a long time nothing more than a piece of land along the wall, but today it has developed into a trendy nightlife area, boasting the flamboyance and charm of a city like Manhattan. If you want to know what the night brings to this city, you have to give it a try. The area around the Hackesche Höfe is also ideal for enjoying the city into the early hours.

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