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Mediterrean Coast

The Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea lies along the southernmost part of the Turkish coastline. Here, the sun shines 300 days a year and you will find beautiful beaches, charming cities surrounded by picturesque villages and the fantastic scenery of the Taurus Mountains. The cottages on the Turkish Riviera are perfect for a varied holiday in a beautiful region.

Visit the historical places of this region against a backdrop of pine forests, olive and citrus orchards add to this the peoples hospitality and your stay along the Turkish Riviera is bound to be a success! And you should take the day off from cooking in your cottage, because the cosy little restaurants beckon !

Holiday homes Turkish Riviera, for an impressive view of the city Antalya

The most important tourist centre of Turkey and the heart of the Turkish Riviera is the city of Antalya. You will be amazed by Antalya. Stroll along the romantic boulevard lined with palm trees, and visit the impressive sea port. Dont forget to visit Kaleiçi, the picturesque, ancient part of the city, with its narrow lanes and timber houses built against the city walls. The most impressive sight of the city is the castle, offering you high views across the city from two sides.

Challenges for the sporty holidaymaker

Adventurers will also find plenty to do along the Turkish Riviera. Various rafting and boating trips are offered in a number of natural parks and along impressive waterfalls. Nature enthusiasts really should visit the well-known lime cascade cliffs of Pamukkale and the waterfalls of Kurºunlu, Manoygat and Düden. After an active day you can really relax in your cottage.

A visit to Perge and Aspendos

The Turkish Riviera is most proud of its rich cultural heritage. Around the city of Antalya, you can easily visit the impressive historical treasures of Turkey. From your cottage on the Turkish Riviera you can visit Perge. Here you will find an excavated city and you can walk through the ancient city gates. In Aspendos you can visit the best preserved Roman theatre and an aqueduct.

Holiday homes Turkish Riviera, discover the enchanting Capadocia

TIP: An excursion of several days to the enchanting Capadocia comes highly recommended. Here you can tread in the footsteps of the Persians and Alexander the Great, who ruled here.

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