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Holiday Homes & Apartments in Apeldoorn

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Holiday Homes in Apeldoorn

Explore Apeldoorn wonders from your holiday rental

Experience the thrill of spotting rare wildlife at the nearby De Hoge Veluwe National Park or immerse yourself in Dutch art at the fascinating Kröller-Müller Museum. Your stay at a holiday home in Apeldoorn just got more exciting.

Experience the Great Outdoors in Apeldoorn

Discover the natural beauty of Apeldoorn with its lush parks, serene gardens, and stunning landscapes. Explore the city's breathtaking outdoor activities like:
- Hoge Veluwe National Park
- Paleis Het Loo Gardens
- Apenheul Primate Park
- Julianatoren Amusement Park

Rent a holiday home in Apeldoorn and experience all that nature has to offer.

Apeldoorn holiday homes: Rent your dream house

Belvilla offers you a range of holiday homes for rent in Apeldoorn. The popular options include:

- On the Park

- Pet Friendly

- Swimming Pool

- Villas

- Apartments

Our filters make it easy to find your ideal rental based on number of guests, pet-friendliness, distance from the city center, amenities like swimming pools or saunas, location by the sea or countryside, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, accessibility for people with limited mobility, or options for kids.

Seasons to experience in Apeldoorn

Experience the beauty of Apeldoorn from April to September.

Warmest month: July

Coldest month: January

Rainiest month: October

Rent a holiday home in Apeldoorn today!

Explore Apeldoorn's Cultural Treasures

Discover cultural treasures in and around Holiday Apeldoorn. Rent a house Apeldoorn and explore historic monuments, museums, galleries, Michelin-starred restaurants, and the stunning Het Loo Palace gardens. Indulge in vacation rental Apeldoorn's unique charm.

- Het Loo Palace
- CODA Museum
- Apenheul Primate Park
- The Veluwe National Park
- Kroller Muller Museum

Discover the best of Apeldoorn's surroundings

Discover nearby attractions from your holiday rental in Apeldoorn. Popular visits include:

- Kröller-Müller Museum (20 km)

- Het Loo Palace (3 km)

- Apenheul Primate Park (7 km)

- Juliana Tower (10 km)

Explore the towns of:

- Teuge

- Beekbergen

- Vaassen

Escape to Apeldoorn and Find Your Perfect Holiday Home!

Apeldoorn is a vibrant, historical Dutch city nestled in the heart of Gelderland. From its beautiful parks and gardens to its wide array of shops and entertainment, Apeldoorn is a lively place to explore and experience. A walk around the city will take you past many interesting architectural landmarks, including the Royal Palace Het Loo, a grand baroque palace built for the Dutch royal family in the 17th century. Just outside the city center, you can visit Paleis het Loo, the former royal estate. Here you can admire the stunningly landscaped gardens, explore the various museums and exhibitions, or simply take a pleasant stroll in the park.

For the more adventurous traveler, Apeldoorn is the perfect base for exploring the nearby countryside and its many attractions. From the picturesque Veluwe forest to the Dutch province of Flevoland, you can spend days wandering its many trails and waterways. And when you are done exploring, why not spend a few days relaxing in a holiday home in Apeldoorn? There are plenty of cozy holiday cottages available for rent throughout the city, giving you a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing.
No matter your holiday type, Apeldoorn has something for everyone.

Discover Apenheul, Paleis Het Loo and Apenzoom with Creative Adventures!

  • Apenheul: Engaging Description: Apenheul is a unique attraction located in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. It is a primate park with over 50 species of primates from all over the world. Visitors can walk through the park and observe the primates in their natural habitat, including gibbons, orangutans, gorillas, tamarins, and many more. A few of the primates are even allowed to roam freely through the park. It is an exciting experience for kids and adults alike, as you can get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures.
  • Paleis Het Loo: Engaging Description: Paleis Het Loo is a stunning palace located in Apeldoorn. It is a beautiful Baroque-style palace that was built in the 17th century. It was famously used by Dutch kings and queens as a summer palace and retreat. Now, visitors can explore the palace grounds, gardens, and exhibits. There is plenty to see, including a royal art collection and a stunning Dutch garden. Visitors will also get to learn about the palace's interesting history and its many royal inhabitants.
  • Apenzoom: Engaging Description: Apenzoom is a unique experience for those seeking a bit of adventure. It is an aerial park located in the woods of Apeldoorn and it is filled with exciting zip lines, rope bridges, and climbing walls. Visitors will be able to get a bird's eye view of the forest as they zip and climb around. It is the perfect activity for those searching for a bit of thrill and adventure, and it is sure to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Experience Excitement & Adventure in Apeldoorn, Netherlands!

Apeldoorn is a vibrant city in the Netherlands and offers a wide range of sporting activities for everyone to enjoy. From water sports like windsurfing and kite-surfing, to team sports like soccer and field hockey, Apeldoorn has something for everyone.

There are a variety of beach activities at the nearby National Park De Hoge Veluwe. You can also swim in one of the many lakes, such as the IJsselmeer, or take part in sailing and canoeing events. If you want a more leisurely activity, Apeldoorn also has plenty of walking and cycling trails, as well as golf courses. Apeldoorn is also home to the national basketball team, which plays in the Dutch Basketball League. The city's annual marathon is an event not to be missed, with a course that takes runners through the historic city centre.

And if you are a fan of extreme sports, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the thrills of bungee jumping, paragliding, and skateboarding. Apeldoorn is a great place to get into shape and stay active and offers an array of sports activities that cater to all ages and abilities.

Relish a Holiday at Apeldoorn - Seek Indulgence in both Adventure and Create Unforgettable Experiences!

Whether you are searching for adventure or relaxation, Apeldoorn has something to offer everyone. One of the best ways to experience Apeldoorn is by staying at one of its many holiday homes, which provide you with complete privacy and luxurious amenities at a fraction of the cost compared to other forms of accommodation. 

With plenty of picturesque scenery and panoramic views on offer, there are plenty of options for your stay in Apeldoorn. For those who prefer more traditional forms of accommodation, hotels and holiday cottages around Apeldoorn provide more than enough comfort and convenience during your stay here. Most hotels provide excellent amenities such as restaurants and bars on site so that you can make the most out of your holiday here without having to step out too often."

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Frequently asked questions about holiday in Apeldoorn

What are the closest airports to Apeldoorn?

The closest airports to Apeldoorn are Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), Eindhoven Airport (EIN), and Weeze Airport (NRN).

What are the best places to stay for a holiday in Apeldoorn?

Popular holiday home options in Apeldoorn include luxury villas, apartments, and cottages.

What kind of activities can you do in Apeldoorn?

Activities in Apeldoorn include visiting the Apeldoorn Palace and its surrounding gardens, shopping at Apeldoorn's city centre, and enjoying its many parks and nature reserves.

Are there any museums in Apeldoorn?

Yes, there are several museums in Apeldoorn, such as the Apeldoorn Museum, the Hermitage Museum, and the CODA Museum.

What kind of food is available in Apeldoorn?

Apeldoorn has a variety of restaurants offering local dishes as well as international cuisines. Popular local dishes include stamppot, stroopwafel, and poffertjes.


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