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Holiday Homes in Katwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

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Holiday Homes in Katwijk aan Zee

Explore Katwijk aan Zee: From your holiday home

Explore the rich history of Katwijk aan Zee with a visit to the Katwijks Museum, or take a stroll through the picturesque dunes at the Zuid-Hollands Duinreservaat. Whatever your preference, there's no shortage of unique attractions just minutes from your holiday rental.

Exploring Katwijk aan Zee's natural playground

Immerse in the serene beauty of Katwijk aan Zee. Explore the stunning landscape and natural spots with ease. Discover:

- Wilhelmina Park
- Panbos
- Coepelduynen Nature Reserve
- Katwijk beach and dunes

Embrace the outdoors! Experience:

- Biking through the dunes
- Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing
- Beach volleyball, soccer, and tennis
- Hiking in the woods and nature reserves

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Katwijk aan Zee holiday homes: Find your paradise

Belvilla offers you the perfect holiday homes to rent in Katwijk aan Zee. Check out some of our popular options:

By the Sea
On the Park
Pet Friendly
Swimming Pool

We know that everyone has a different idea of a perfect holiday home. That's why we offer filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can narrow down your search based on the number of guests, pet friendliness, distance from the city centre, amenities like swimming pools or saunas, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of property, accessibility for people with limited mobility, and fun options for kids. With so many options available, you're sure to find your perfect vacation rental in Katwijk aan Zee with Belvilla.

Seasonal guide to Katwijk aan Zee trips

Ready for a seaside getaway? Visit Katwijk aan Zee between June and September to soak up the sun.

Warmest month: July

Coldest month: January

Rainiest month: October

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Uncover cultural gems in Katwijk aan Zee

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Katwijk aan Zee. Discover centuries-old churches, museums filled with art and history, and picturesque architecture. Delight in local cuisine and holiday homes nestled in the heart of it all.

- Visit the Old Church, dating back to the 14th century
- Explore the Katwijks Museum for a glimpse into local life
- Admire the vibrant works at Museum Noordwijk
- Indulge in fresh seafood dishes at a local restaurant

Discover the charm of Katwijk's surroundings!

Explore the vicinity of Katwijk aan Zee during your stay and discover some interesting tourist spots. Visit:

- Deltapark Neeltje Jans (5 km)

- Lighthouse Noordwijk (7 km)

- Space Expo Noordwijk (8 km)

- Keukenhof Gardens (17 km).

Plan a day trip to nearby towns like:

- Oegstgeest

- Wassenaar

- Noordwijk

Enjoy a Relaxing Holiday in Katwijk aan Zee - Find Your Perfect Holiday Home!

From its beautiful sandy beach to its stunning countryside views, Katwijk aan Zee is an excellent destination for those looking to spend a relaxing holiday in the Netherlands. 
From the scenic beach-side promenade to the various beach bars and restaurants, there is something for everyone here. If you're looking for a holiday home in Katwijk aan Zee, you'll be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of apartments and villas in the area that offers luxurious accommodations and more affordable options. Regardless of the size of the holiday cottage you choose, you can expect a comfortable stay in a great location.
No matter how you decide to spend your holiday in Katwijk aan Zee, you can be sure that you'll have a great time. 

Exploring Nature and Lighthouses in Katwijk aan Zee, Netherlands - A Must Visit Place for Nature Lovers!

  • Katwijk Beach: Katwijk Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Katwijk aan Zee, Netherlands. It is an expansive stretch of fine golden sand, pristine waters, and rolling waves. Tourists flock to the beach to soak up the sun, splash in the waves, and explore the diverse range of marine life. Along the beach, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer a range of delicious food and drinks. There are also plenty of activities to take part in, such as windsurfing, kite-surfing, and scuba diving.
  • Katwijk Lighthouse: The Katwijk Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Netherlands. It stands tall at the end of the beach and is a prominent landmark that can be seen from miles away. This majestic structure dates back to 1758 and continues to guide sailors and ships towards the shores of Katwijk aan Zee. Tourists can enjoy a bird's eye view of the city from the top of the lighthouse.
  • Nature Reserve ‘Zuiderwater’ : Nature Reserve' Zuiderwater' is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary located on the outskirts of Katwijk aan Zee city. It is home to various species of birds, plants, and animals.Tourists can explore the nature reserve on foot and discover the beautiful flora and fauna. In addition, there are plenty of picnic spots and benches that offer breathtaking views of the surroundings.

An Active Adventure awaits in Katwijk aan Zee!

The picturesque coastal city of Katwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands has something for every sports enthusiast. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of opportunities for beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, and even golf. In addition, there are numerous parks and fields where sporting events can be organized.
If your preference is water sports, then Katwijk aan Zee is your place. Surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding are all popular in the city. The weather is usually mild, providing optimal conditions for watersports.
With its vast expanse of beaches, parks and fields, you'll find something to enjoy in every corner of this beautiful coastal city. So grab your board or racket, and head to Katwijk aan Zee - the destination of choice for sports lovers!

Experience Home-Like Comfort in Katwijk aan Zee

Katwijk aan Zee is an idyllic spot on the coast of the Netherlands, with plenty of activities and attractions to keep you entertained during your holiday. One of the best ways to experience this picturesque destination is by staying in a holiday home in Katwijk aan Zee. With its stunning seaside views and easy access to neighbouring cities, there’s no shortage of leisure activities that your family will love.
A holiday cottage in Katwijk aan Zee offers an unbeatable quality-price ratio compared to hotels or hostels due to its affordability and extra amenities such as fully furnished kitchens, laundry facilities, spacious living areas and private gardens. Renting a holiday house can also be cheaper than renting multiple hotel rooms if you travel with friends or family. Plus, you have much more freedom and privacy while enjoying home comforts! 
The city itself has something for everyone. Take some time out to explore local markets selling fresh produce grown nearby; take long walks along golden beaches; discover quaint cafes serving traditional Dutch foods; marvel at world-class museums showcasing masterpieces from centuries ago; meander through vibrant street art scenes – just to name a few! So come down this season for some rest & relaxation at one of Europe’s most tranquil seaside destinations: Katwijk aan Zee!"

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Frequently asked questions about holiday in Katwijk aan Zee

What kind of accommodation is available in Katwijk aan Zee for the holidays?

There are various holiday accommodation options available in Katwijk aan Zee, including self-catering apartments, luxury beach resorts, and camping sites.

Are there any entertainment activities nearby?

Yes, there are plenty of entertainment options near Katwijk aan Zee. You can explore the nearby beaches, visit one of the local theme parks, or participate in water sports activities.

Are there any cultural attractions in the area?

Katwijk aan Zee is home to many cultural attractions, such as the Katwijks Museum, the local churches, and the many galleries and festivals that are held in the area.

Is there any public transportation available in Katwijk aan Zee?

There is an excellent public transportation network, with bus and train services connecting Katwijk to other nearby towns and cities.

What kind of food is available in Katwijk aan Zee?

There is a variety of delicious food available; you can find traditional Dutch dishes, seafood, international cuisine, and many more options in the local restaurants and cafes.


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