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Holiday home rental old and new

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A holiday home with old and new

Would you like to celebrate New Year's Eve somewhere else? Not the old, familiar recipe again, but something completely different? Then go away to see the New Year in! Take a break with your family, your partner or a group of friends. Away to celebrate the New Year means counting down to the New Year in a chalet in the mountains, a holiday home in the woods or by the sea.

A holiday home with old and new means: really get out of the rut and make a fresh start with the new year. Don't you want to travel too far? Then rent a house with old and new in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. The holiday feeling is just around the corner! Any days off left? Then opt for a gentle New Year's Eve in a holiday home in southern Europe. Or can't you wait until you're back on a snow-covered mountain slope? Then choose for a skiing holiday during New Year's Eve in Austria, Switzerland or France. In short: options enough for a sparkling old and new elsewhere.

Weekend break old and new

You know that fee you've only been away for a few days, but it feels much longer. Because a new environment, away from home for a while, means resting, recovering and starting full of energy again. New Year's Eve is a perfect time to get away from it all! This is how you start the new year fresh and fruity. Do you get a similar desire for a midweek getaway with old and new? Or rather a weekend break with old and new? Make sure you choose the accommodation that suits your travel group. Are you going to have a romantic getaway with your partner for a few days? Choose a bungalow with old and new, fully equipped so you can toast the new year together by a crackling fire. Are you leaving with old and new with children? Then choose a spacious holiday home with a private room for everyone or a holiday park. In a holiday park there is entertainment for everyone and no one will be bored. Are you thinking of a holiday home for 10 persons with old and new in the Netherlands? Because you're going out with a group of friends? Good choice! A New Year's Eve with good friends guarantees fun, conviviality and a great start to a new year with people who matter.

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Netherlands or rather to the snow?

You can celebrate New Year's Eve anywhere, you can stay in the Netherlands or go to our neighbouring countries to count in the New Year. Would you like to travel a little further? In Southern Europe, you will find beautiful holiday homes for New Year's Eve by the sea, and in Austria, Switzerland and France, you can celebrate the New Year on skis in the snow.

Are you going for a holiday home with New Year in the Netherlands? Or will it be a holiday home Ardennes with New Year's Eve? In the Netherlands and in our neighbouring countries - Belgium and Germany - there is a wide range of holiday homes for a great New Year's Eve, just a few hours' drive from home. Have you ever thought of a holiday park with New Year's Eve? That's a perfect option for families with young children. This way you can be sure that the children will have a great time.

Would you like to use these days to escape the Dutch winter weather to find warmer places? Then you can of course rent a holiday home in Southern Europe! Recharge your batteries by the sea in the sun. Are you more of a snow lover? Then it would be a good idea to combine winter sports with the turn of the year, and to rent a chalet or apartment in France, Switzerland or Austria. You'll be skiing into the New Year in no time at all.

Have you figured it out yet? Will it be a villa Ardennes with New Year's Eve? Or a chalet in the mountains? Whatever you choose, a few days off at the turn of the year will do you good! Happy New Year!


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Holiday park old and new

Are you already looking forward to having the champagne bottle 'pop' somewhere other than at home? Just think about what you want to do and who will take you with them at this New Year's Eve. Will it be a holiday park with New Year's Eve in the Netherlands? A villa for the family in the Belgian Ardennes? Or a week of skiing in the mountains?

A holiday with New Year's Eve guarantees a few wonderful days off and a fresh start to the new year. Think in advance about who you are travelling with and what you want to do. 

Would you like to relax a bit in peace? Want to make long walks during the day and enjoy the evening with a book on the couch? Then choose a villa in a wooded area to relax. If you don't want to drive too far, choose a villa in the Belgian Ardennes or Germany. Our neighbouring countries are very close to destinations for a short holiday.

Are you going out with your family? Then choose a holiday park or Disneyland Paris! I'm sure the kids will have a good time here. Please note that there are fireworks free holiday parks, so check this in advance.

We wish you a beautiful and a very happy New Year. Somewhere in the Netherlands, in the Ardennes, by the sea or in the snow.


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