Holiday Cottages in Sweden

A holiday home in Sweden: nature and culture close at hand 

For those planning to rent a holiday home in Sweden, the image that often comes to mind is that of countless lakes, rivers, coniferous forests, vast open areas and the possibility to experience the mystical northern lights. In most areas of Sweden you will find a peaceful and quiet way of life
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Amidst this tranquil setting are ‘stugas’, traditional Sweden wooden cottages, often painted red. Reindeer, wolves, bears and even the prehistoric wolverine roam freely in the countryside. Rent your own Swedish stuga from Belvilla and enjoy all the magic that Sweden has to offer from the comfort of your own holiday home.

Swedish design

But the beauty of Swedish is not only found in its stunning nature. The country has much more to offer visitors, from magnificent architecture and progressive design to trendy fashion shops. Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries and is a member of the European Union, but still uses its own currency, the Swedish crown. 

Choose a holiday home or cottage in Sweden in one of three regions

Sweden is divided into 21 provinces, but is often considered in terms of three large regions: Norrland (Northern Sweden), Svealand (Central Sweden) and Götaland (Southern Sweden). The rugged northern region of Norrland is ideal for active holidaymakers both summer and winter. Swedish Lapland is located in the northernmost part of the country, where the green lights of the aurora borealis dance overhead. Countless lakes, vast woods and deep forests dominate the heart of Sweden, Svealand, where a visit to the beautiful capital of Stockholm is a must. If you prefer to stay in a holiday home in Götaland, the southern part of Sweden, you can enjoy a mild climate and explore charming cities like Göteborg and Malmö.  

Discover the world of children’s literature while staying in a holiday home in Sweden

Sweden is also the home of the fierce Vikings, the adventurous Pippi Longstocking and the wild geese of Nils Holgersson. All of these figures come to life in various theme parks, guaranteeing a day filled with adventure! Most of the larger cities have a swimming park and there are numerous zoos throughout the country. There is even a zoo in the city of Stockholm, perfect for kids during a long day exploring the city.  

Mild summers and snowy winters

Swedish summers are usually mild with little rain. Winters are often severe, but, thanks to thick layers of snow, are also perfect for both downhill and cross-country skiing.  Every season has its charm and possibilities, as the Swedes would be apt to agree. The turn of each season is celebrated in Sweden, the best-known seasonal holiday being Midsommar (around 21 June), which marks the start of summer. 

Sail, drive or fly to Sweden?

Sweden is easy to reach in a number of ways. Naturally the fastest way is by plane. Low-cost airlines like Ryanair currently offer numerous inexpensive flights to regional airports like Stockholm Skavsta (80 minute drive from Stockholm), where a rental car of shuttle bus awaits you. You can also take the ferry from the Kiel harbour in Germany. The night boat takes around 13 hours to sail to Göteborg. There is also the option of taking your car on the ferry. Haven’t got sea legs? You can drive to Sweden via the toll bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. This is an excellent option, since you then have your car conveniently with you for exploring the beautiful surroundings of your holiday home in Sweden. 

Growing number of Belvilla homes in Sweden

Belvilla is hard at work expanding its portfolio of holiday accommodations in Sweden, with many more inviting holiday homes, stugas and apartments that are perfect for both summer and winter! Help us finding them! 
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