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Holiday home Sweden

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A holiday home in Sweden: nature and culture at your fingertips

Anyone planning to rent a holiday home in Sweden can probably picture the scenes: countless lakes, rivers, pine forests and vast plains in the mystical climes of the northern lights. The scenery of Sweden radiates absolute tranquillity in many places.

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Top places of interest in Sweden

For the fans of The Bridge

It is the most famous bridge in Sweden and the backdrop for the thrilling series The Bridge. The 12-kilometre Øresund bridge connects Sweden with neighbouring Denmark. From Malmö in Sweden, you can easily spend a day in Copenhagen. Great combination, right?


Cycling through the Sun City

The nickname for Karlstad is 'Sun City', which says it all. This is where the sun shines the longest and the most often. In the summer, you can rent a free bike to explore the city. Just outside the centre is Marienbergsskogen, a small recreation park for children.


Two times three is four...

Be cheeky, and wild, and wonderful! Who followed this advice best? Pippi Longstocking! The famous girl with the red pigtails lived in Sweden. In Junibacken you can play in Villa Villekulla and ride the fairytale train on a journey through all the Scandinavian fairy tales.


On our way

Pack your hiking boots, because in Fulufjället National Park, there are over 140 kilometres of hiking trails. Highlights are Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall - and the beautiful flora and fauna. There are also some places where you can fish for rainbow trout.


Holiday home Sweden

Dotted here and there are stugas: typical Swedish wooden houses, often painted red. Reindeer, wolves, bears, even prehistoric wolverines roam wild here. Rent your own stuga in Sweden with Belvilla in 2019 and enjoy all the wonders that this the country has to offer in style. If you want to go to Sweden at an extra low price, you can also opt for a last minute holiday home.

Enjoy a holiday home in Sweden with Swedish design in 2019!

And Sweden's beauty doesn't just consist of magnificent nature. Sweden has much more to offer its visitors. What about stunning architecture, progressive design and trendy fashion chains? Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries. Sweden belongs to the European Union but still has its own currency, the Swedish krona. Experience a varied holiday from your own holiday home in Sweden!

Choose your holiday home in Sweden in the region of your choice

Sweden is divided into 21 provinces, but is often roughly divided into 3 parts: Norrland (northern Sweden), Svealand (central Sweden) and Götaland (southern Sweden). Rugged Norrland is highly suitable for active (winter) sports lovers. At the furthermost point is the beautiful Swedish Lapland, where the green light of the polar nights shines in the winter. You're sure to find numerous lakes, vast forests and deep woods in the middle of Sweden: Svealand, where a visit to the beautiful capital Stockholm is a must. If you'd prefer to stay in a holiday home in Götaland, the southern part of Sweden, you'll enjoy a mild climate and beautiful cities, such as Gothenburg and Malmö. 

Discover the world of children's books from your holiday home in Sweden

Sweden is also the land of the ferocious Vikings, the adventurous Pippi Longstocking and the geese of Nils Holgersson. In the theme parks, they come to life and provide a day full of adventure. Most large cities have a water park and there are also plenty of zoos. There's even a zoo in the city of Stockholm. A nice change of scene for the kids during a day in the city. 

Mild summers and white winters in Sweden

Summers are generally mild, with little precipitation. The winters are often harsh and the thick layers of snow make it possible to go skiing and cross-country skiing. Every season in 2019 has its charms and opportunities, and the Swedes think so too. Every change of season has its own celebration, with Midsommar (around 21 June), the beginning of the summer, being the best-known seasonal festival. 

Winter sports in Sweden

You can also go to Sweden for your winter sports holiday. Sweden offers many opportunities for skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers. Northern and central Sweden are full of ski resorts, here you'll find several larger ski resorts, such as Åre (the largest ski area in Scandinavia), Idre and Sälen, but also small, cosy ski areas. In addition to skiing and cross-country skiing, there are plenty of other things to do in the ski areas of central Sweden. How about a snowmobile safari, a dogsled ride through the beautiful white landscape, ice fishing, ice climbing, ice skating, or the Ski Tunnel? There are snow parks and fun parks for snowboarders, and a variety of fun activities have been organised for little ones. And afterwards, you can unwind in the warm sauna. So rent a cosy winter sports chalet in Sweden in the winter, and get to know another winter sports destination!

Sailing, driving or flying to your holiday home in Sweden?

There are several easy ways to get to Sweden. The fastest way is by plane, of course. Low-cost airlines now offer many cheap flights to regional airports such as Stockholm Skavsta (80 minutes' drive from Stockholm) where your rental car, or shuttle bus, is waiting for you. If you're travelling from Germany, you can take the night boat to Gothenburg from the port of Kiel in about 13 hours. The car can then be carried in the hold, which is great if you want a driving holiday in Sweden.No sea legs? The toll bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö allows you to drive the entire route. A driving holiday is the ideal way to discover the beautiful surroundings from your holiday home in Sweden. 

Growing number of Belvillas in Sweden

Belvilla is working hard to expand its range of holiday homes in Sweden, with even more attractive holiday homes, stugas and apartments, suitable for summer and/or winter in the holidays in 2019! Are you looking?

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