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From our holiday homes in the green region of Thuringia, in central Germany, you will enjoy a holiday filled with culture and nature (and also: The green region of Thuringia, in the centre of Germany, has lots of culture and nature on offer). Fans of historical heritage will find here interesting historical towns, medieval monasteries, fortresses and castles, royal palaces and impressive buildings from the Baroque-, Renaissance- or Art Nouveau-period.

Visit historical cities from our cottages

Interesting cities are for example Weimar, Erfurt, Eisenach, Jena and Gera. Weimar had many famous residents, such as: Goethe, Nietzsche, Schiller, Liszt and Strauss, which is still noticeable today with the Goethe-Museum, the Schiller house and the Liszt-Haus. The city has many interesting buildings such as the Bauhaus-museum (art) and the royal summer palace Schloss Belvedère. In historical Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, the St. Marien dom, the Augustiner monastery, the trade houses and the famous Krämerbrücke.

Holiday homes in the region of the Thuringerwald (Thuringian Forest)

Nature lovers are at home in the region; you will find mountains, forests, lakes and river valleys here. From your cottage you can make excursions to the Thuringian Forest, the Green heart of Germany. This nature park offers virginal nature and woods, but mountains too. Two mountain ranges cross the region, the Thuringian Forest in the west and the Schiefergebirge (limestone mountains) in the east. You can enjoy this region on foot or on your bicycle: numerous signposted cycling and walking paths run along forests, mountain fields and quiet villages. The Rennsteig, the most famous walking path of Germany, is also situated here. This 168 km long route goes from Hörschel to Blankenstein. The Thuringian Forest also offers a few popular health resorts and winter sports centres.

Thuringia also prides itself on a number of biosphere reserves (protected UNESCO regions), such as the mountainous landscape of the Rhön, between Bavaria, Hessen and Thuringia, with volcanic mountains, heaths and lakes. And the biosphere reserve Vessertal, with forests, heaths and rivers.

Active holiday from your cottage

Active holidaymakers are spoilt here. Thousands of kilometres of signposted walking and cycling paths, water sports and Nordic walking, but also numerous winter sports areas.

And children will not be bored either. What do you think of summer toboggans, animal parks, enchanted forests and the dwarves' village? Explore one of the castle ruins or the stalactite caves, or make a nostalgic journey on the steam train.

All cottages in Thuringia