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West Pommern Vacation Rental, Poland

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Unforgettable Experiences Await in West Pomerania, Poland

Poland's West Pomerania region offers a unique mix of charming cityscapes, stunning architecture, and captivating scenery. Explore the beautiful beaches, quaint towns, and historical sites, including the Gothic-style St. Mary's Church and the Gothic-style Town Hall. Enjoy the culinary delights of the region, ranging from traditional Polish cuisine to German-influenced fare. With so much to see and do, you'll never forget the experience of visiting this spectacular region in Poland.


A Gastronomic Journey Through West Pomerania

Experience the regional flavors of West Pomerania in Poland like never before! Sample traditional delicacies like Pierogi, Fiskekaker, and Red Borscht, all of which are unique to the area. Savour the rich aromas and flavours of this region's cuisine - it's sure to satisfy your appetite and tantalize your taste buds!


Uncover the Magic of West Pomerania, Poland

West Pomerania is a beautiful area of Poland that is filled with natural beauty and historical charm. Come explore it's stunning coastline, forests, and medieval castles, as well as its vibrant culture and local cuisine. There is something for everyone here to enjoy and create lasting memories!


Experience Nature's Wonderland in West Pomerania!

Spend your holidays in West Pomerania, Poland, and explore the stunning natural beauty of the region! From swimming, fishing and canoeing in the many lakes, to bird-watching and hiking in the wilderness, there's something for everyone at these holiday parks - don't miss out!

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West Pommern Vacation Rental

Holiday Homes in West Pomerania: Discover a World of Outdoor Fun and Relaxation!

If you're looking for a holiday destination that combines breathtaking scenery, cultural diversity, and endless outdoor fun, look no further than West Pomerania in Poland! From stunning beaches and picturesque countryside to charming towns and vibrant festivals, this region has something for everyone.

Things to See and Do from Your Holiday Home in Pomerania

If you'd like to see the best of West Pomerania in one weekend:

  • Visit the historic city of Szczecin, home to numerous museums, galleries, and impressive architecture
  • Explore the enchanting Wolin National Park, famous for its unique rock formations, birdlife, and hiking trails
  • Take a boat trip along the Oder River, where you can enjoy stunning views of the landscape and wildlife
  • Relax on the sandy beaches of Miedzyzdroje or Kolobrzeg
  • Sample delicious local cuisine at one of the region's many traditional restaurants

For longer holidays, why not try:

  • Boating or kayaking along one of the many waterways in the region
  • Biking through scenic forests and fields
  • Visiting some of the many castles and palaces scattered throughout the region
  • Taking part in a local festival or event

Belvilla's West Pomeranian Rentals

At Belvilla, we offer a wide range of holiday homes in West Pomerania to fit your needs:

  • Homes with swimming pools for those who love to swim and sunbathe
  • Pet-friendly homes so you can bring your furry friend along for the adventure
  • Homes on parks with plenty of amenities, including playgrounds and sports facilities.

And if you want to be near the sea, choose from our selection of homes with sea views!

Bringing your pet? No problem! Many of our holiday homes are pet-friendly, including some with enclosed gardens so your dog can run free. Enjoy long walks on the beach or hikes through the countryside with your furry friend by your side.

Traveling with a large group? Belvilla has got you covered. We offer spacious homes that can accommodate families, friends, and even sports teams. Enjoy quality time together in a private holiday home while exploring all the region has to offer.

Cultural and Sightseeing Highlights in West Pomerania

Stargard: a charming town famous for its medieval architecture and unique marketplace

  • The Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle in Szczecin: a stunning example of Gothic and Renaissance architecture
  • The Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin: a fascinating collection of vintage cars, planes, and other vehicles 
  • Lake Drawsko: one of the largest lakes in the region with numerous water sports activities 
  • The Palace of the Pomeranian Dukes: a majestic Renaissance palace in Szczecin

Outdoor Fun and Scenery around Your West Pomerania Holiday Rental

West Pomerania is renowned for its stunning scenery and outdoor activities:

  • Hiking in Wolin National Park
  • Biking along the Oder River
  • Horseback riding through forests and meadows

Parks, gardens, and natural reserves abound in the region, including:

  • Slowinski National Park: home to towering sand dunes and pristine beaches
  • The Drawa National Park: known for its crystal-clear lakes and unspoiled forest
  • The Woliński National Park: a picturesque coastal park with diverse flora and fauna

Booking Your Pomeranian Holiday Home with Belvilla

With Belvilla, you can book a holiday rental in West Pomerania at up to 20% off for those last-minute decisions! Take advantage of our many benefits:

  1. No hidden fees or surprises
  2. Pay in installments or book without upfront payment
  3. Expert travel advice from our customer service team
  4. Handpicked holiday homes at great prices

So why not start planning your next holiday today? Discover the beauty of West Pomerania with Belvilla for an unforgettable experience!

All rentals in West Pomerania

Welcome to the beautiful region of West Pomerania, situated in Poland and beckoning travelers from all over the world! Even with its relatively simple excursions and attractions, this region has something to offer for everyone.

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Frequently asked questions about vacation in West Pomerania

What is the best time to visit West Pomerania for a holiday home stay?

Belvilla's holiday homes in West Pomerania are available all year round, but the best time to visit is during summer for warm weather and outdoor activities.

How can I get around West Pomerania from my Belvilla vacation rental?

The easiest and best ways to get around West Pomerania from your Belvilla vacation rental are by car, bike or public transport.

What types of accommodation does Belvilla offer in West Pomerania, Poland?

Belvilla offers a range of holiday homes in West Pomerania including spacious villas, cozy cottages, stylish apartments and comfortable bungalows.

What activities can I enjoy during my stay at a Belvilla vacation rental in Western Pomerania?

West Pomerania offers great outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, water sports and beach activities, as well as cultural experiences like visiting museums and historic landmarks.

What is the local cuisine like in West Pomerania and where can I try it?

West Pomeranian cuisine is known for its traditional fish dishes and hearty meat stews, which can be enjoyed at local restaurants and cafes throughout the region. Don't forget to try the local beer and wine too!


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