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Whitsun holiday home

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On holiday over the Whitsun weekend

Make the most of your days off this year over Whitsun and celebrate this long weekend somewhere other than at home. Enjoy a week of sunbathing and savour the peace and quiet that this school holiday free period brings. Or go away with the children for a long weekend and enjoy the beautiful nature that blossoms so beautifully in spring. At Belvilla you will always find the accommodation you are looking for, whatever the trip you have in mind!

Get away from it all over Whitsun

Whitsun is the perfect time to take a break with your partner, family or friends. This year Whit Sunday falls on Sunday 31st of May 2020 and Whit Monday on 1st of June 2020. The temperatures in June are usually very pleasant, both at home and in the rest of Europe. You can also see what the weather does by opting for a last minute Whitsun holiday. It is an excellent time to go away for a long weekend or week.

The advantage of this is that to have a whole week off, you only have to take time off from Tuesday to Friday. The Whitsun weekend is also the ideal time for a long weekend away. All you have to do is take the Friday before the weekend off for you to get away from Thursday to Monday evening. But of course it is also possible to go away Friday evening to Monday evening. Are you planing a getaway in your own country? So you can enjoy three whole days off. At Belvilla you can find numerous accommodations all over Europe for both a whole week and a long weekend. You can choose to spend a week in the sun at a holiday home in Portugal, Spain or Italy over Whitsun. The holiday homes in Spain are a popular option to enjoy some early sun. But you can also opt for a long weekend away in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg. How about the Ardennes, where you can enjoy nature that is in full bloom. Or, head to Winterberg for example, located just over the German border.

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Seek the sun over Whitsun

There are several reasons why heading to the sun for a week at Whitsun is so ideal. First of all, you only need to take four days off to get away for the whole week. In addition, in many southern European countries it is already lovely and warm at the beginning of June. When temperatures above twenty degrees are certainly no longer an exception. Finally, the Whitsun weekend falls exactly between the May and summer holidays.

During this period, most holiday destinations in Europe are still relatively quiet because school-age children do not have time off this week. This is great if you are travelling with young children or you want to enjoy the peace and quiet just the two of you. At Belvilla it is therefore also possible to book a last minute getaway for 2 to 4 persons over the Whitsun holiday. Leaving you to take advantage of great offers in countless sunny destinations. At Belvilla we have accommodations in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia, to name but a few. If you want to organise a weekend with friends or family over the Whitsun weekend, you will also find suitable group accommodation at Belvilla. We have group accommodation for 8 persons or more, but also for large groups of 20 persons. Or choose a holiday at a holiday park, where you can enjoy many facilities close to hand. This allows you to fully relax and enjoy your free time over your Whitsun holiday.

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A long weekend away at Whitsun

If you don't necessarily want to go away for a whole week at Whitsun, you can also choose to go away for a long weekend. You don't have to take any extra time off to still enjoy three days away. In northern Europe, with a bit of luck, you can already enjoy very pleasant temperatures.

And even if it was a little colder, there is always the beautiful nature to enjoy in the month of June. It is springtime then, and everything is in bloom. That alone is good enough reason to take a few days off with your friends or family in June. You can book a wide range of accommodations at Belvilla, in your own country or surrounding countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark and France. Staying close to home means you don't lose a lot of time travelling, so you can enjoy your few days off to the fullest. Book a beautiful holiday home or bungalow at Belvilla and enjoy all the luxury you could wish for. Also for the Whitsun weekend it is worthwhile seeing if you can grab a last minute holiday.

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Yes you can get a discount by registering for the newsletter you can get a € 50,- discount.


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