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Holiday home on Zakynthos

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Zakynthos, a versatile Greek island with beautiful nature

Zakynthos, a top location in Greece

Greek Zakynthos is an Ionian island known for its beautiful nature, unique snorkelling locations, and romantic beaches. On the west side of the island, limestone rocks form a breathtaking and whimsical landscape. Zakynthos has an area of about 406 km², and is the third largest Ionian island. You will find both Greek and Italian influences on the island in the form of churches and museums. When you book a holiday home on Zakynthos, you are assured of a versatile stay in which culture, art, nature as well as sun, sea and beach are included. If you are also a real Burgundian, you will certainly like Zakynthos.

Choose a holiday home on the beaches of Zakynthos

There are both sandy and pebble beaches on Zakynthos. Most of the beaches are located in the southeast of the island, and the holiday homes on Zakynthos in this region are very popular with families with children or sun worshippers. Navagio is the most famous beach on the island. This white pebble beach with an azure sea looks like a gem, and is the ideal place to unwind. The big eye-catcher is a shipwreck that is washed ashore, attracting a lot of spectators. Several beaches are used by sea turtles as breeding grounds. You as a tourist better leave these alone so that the animals can breed in peace and quiet.

Discover the nightlife on Zakynthos

If you are looking for a holiday destination that also has something to offer at night, a holiday home on this island is highly recommended. The nightlife on Zakynthos, just like the island itself, is versatile and varied. Each resort has its own offer, ranging from bars to discos and fashionable clubs. If you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail, or if you want to spend the night out, you will find what you are looking for here. The music differs per occasion. In one bar you can hear hits from the 70's or 80's, in the next, trance and hip hop dominate. The clubs mainly play the more modern dance music, so the dance floor is full all night long.

Snorkelling during your holiday at Zakynthos

For the fervent snorkeler, a flat on Zakynthos is a dream come true. The island is surrounded by bright blue water that is home to a rich marine life. If you swim along the coastline with a snorkel, you will come across the most beautiful scenery. The most impressive are the large Caretta Caretta sea turtles that breed in different places on the island. In order to protect these rare animals, the National Marine Park was established on the island. The turtles are used to tourists, and while snorkelling, you can easily get up to a few metres near them. An underwater camera is definitely a must have when you book a holiday home on this island.

Visit the many attractions of Zakynthos

A flat on Zakynthos is the ideal base for a stay full of interesting trips. If you are going to spend a day in the city, you should definitely take a look at the Venetian Castle and one of the many museums in Zakynthos. In addition, the blue caves or Cape Skinari are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. For a breathtaking view over the island, head to Giri. This small village full of old windmills, is the highest on the island. The traditional mountain village of Keri will certainly please you with its charming appearance. If you prefer water and sand, then Porto Limniona cannot be left out of your list. From this small port there are several boat trips that will take you to one of the beautiful deserted beaches of Zakynthos.

A sporting holiday on Zakynthos

Sports enthusiasts can go to Zakynthos for a snorkelling, swimming, walking or cycling holiday. Diving is also possible if you are looking for an active holiday. From your villa, you can discover the island on foot along one of the many marked hiking trails. You walk through a beautiful, separate nature, and along authentic villages. There are both small walks that you can do with children, and long trips where some experience is required. If you prefer to cycle, it is certainly an option on the Greek island.

Book a flat on Zakynthos near Cape Skinari

Apart from the sea turtles, the Blue Caves on Zakynthos are perhaps the most spectacular of all that can be found here. The caves, called Cape Skinari, are the result of the interaction between the sea and the limestone rocks that make up this part of the island. The largest cave is located just below a lighthouse. When you rent a bungalow on Zakynthos, an excursion to these caves is an indispensable excursion.

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Holiday on Zakynthos - FAQs

How many Belvilla houses can I choose from?

At Belvilla, you can choose from 15+ houses for your stay on Zakynthos


What are the most important places to visit on Zakynthos?

Venetian Castle, Byzantine Museum, Navagio Beach, Alykes Beach, Blue Caves, and Keri Cliffs are some of the places to visit.

Any activities that I must include during my stay on Zakynthos?

Make your tour exciting by adding these activities:

  • Cultural tour
  • Scuba diving with turtles
  • Boating at caves
  • Beach hopping
  • Dinner with sunset view
  • Shopping at Zante Town 


If I'm coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travellers from the UK can reach Zakynthos via flight, and connecting trains.


What are the recommended dishes in Zakynthos?

Stifado, Greek salad, tzatziki, meatballs, moussaka, tyropita, gyros, and seafood are must-try dishes.


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