Sea Lodges Ameland

Group ID: NL-9161-002
Sea Lodges Ameland
Holiday Park, Hollum, Netherlands
123 vacation rentals
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Show properties on this holiday park
For children
  • Recreation team
Outdoor active
  • Biking
  • Hiking
Park facilities
  • Parking
  • Reception
  • Shop
  • Animation programs during the school vacation.
  • Pets can not be left unattended in the lodge. Dogs have to be leashed at all times and you have to clean after them. Cats are not allowed on the park.
  • Extra costs (a specific lodge, two lodges side by side etc.) € 25 per booking. Preferences are always on request.
  • Sealodges Ameland is a car free holiday park. On arrival or departure days you may enter with your car to load and unload the luggage. The car may only be parked by the lodge if you have a disability (NL-9161-53). Per booking you may park one car in the central parking lot. Any other cars, also those of any possible visitors must be parked in the communal (paid) parking lot.
  • Groups other than families travelling together can only be accommodated upon request. Contact our customer service centre to arrange this. If it's agreed, a deposit of € 100 per person may be required.
  • Groups of youths, meaning all travellers are under the age of 22 (at the time of booking), are not allowed.
  • If there is one older person in the group wherein everyone is older than 22, then this older person must accompany the group at all times. This person will also be responsible for the entire group.