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The best homes for your winter holiday in Europe

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Homes for your winter holidays in Europe

If you are planning to spend your winter holidays in Europe, you're certainly in for a great time. Many find themselves in awe of the unique architecture and wonderful cuisines, while history enthusiasts enjoy its rich historical value. Europe is a destination that requires frequent visits, and you'll find yourself returning to experience the almost limitless attractions the continent offers, especially during the winter. The most memorable vacations go hand in hand with comfortable and convenient accommodations and stays, and luckily, Belvilla has over 40,000 beautiful holiday home rentals to offer across Europe. Our unique holiday homes are located in some of the most popular places in Europe, and you're bound to have a wonderful time as you explore the winter wonderlands and have a cosy bed to come home to. Here are some of Europe's popular winter attractions and beautiful holiday homes to go along with them.

Winter holidays at Austria's leading ski destination

Innsbruck is the capital of Austria's western state of Tyrol — home to rugged peaks, scenic valleys and rolling pastures - all charmingly snowcapped during the winter months. Tyrol is renowned worldwide for its skiing, snowboarding and apres ski activities. If you enjoy skiing especially, your winter holiday won't be complete without a trip to Innsbruck's Olympia SkiWorld and its Nordkette mountain range and peaks. Even if you're a novice at skiing, you're sure to have a blast on the many mountain slopes, and what better opportunity than to familiarize yourself with the sport? The spectacular view from the Seegrube mountain overlooking Innsbruck to the north is enough to take the quick trip up, which hardly takes 20 minutes maximum, memorable. Enjoy incredible sights, take some scenic shots, sip your cup of hot chocolate, or ski your way down. Innsbruck has tons to offer to make your winter holidays unforgettable, and best of all, Belvilla has plenty of beautiful holiday homes in the area.

Holiday homes in Innsbruck

Winter holidays in the enchanting city of Bruges

Bruges — a city in Belgium — hosts one of the most popular Snow and Ice sculpture Festivals annually from late November through early January. Thirty professional sculptors from 12 countries gather to showcase more than 50 magnificent ice statues. Ice sculptors, art enthusiasts and winter-lovers flock to the medieval city to experience this marvellous spectacle every year. Bruges is a wonderful destination to spend your winter holidays and simply a delight for the children. Stroll along the city's cobblestone streets decked with lights, nibble on the famous chocolate treats, and walk by the ice sculptures — all inspired by Disney characters. You can also have a drink at the ice bar while your children enjoy the ice castle and ice slide. So pack your warmest clothes and spend your winter holidays in the magical city of Bruges. And when you're done with the day's activities, return home to your superb, cosy Belvilla holiday accomodation.

Holiday homes in Bruges

Winter holidays in the city of canals, Venice

If you're not a fan of the extreme cold, snow and nippy weather, we have another option for you. Italy is the perfect destination to visit during the winter, especially if you enjoy parties and festivals. Prices are relatively low during this season, the weather is milder, and you won't find yourself surrounded by huge crowds. Better yet, you'll be able to experience the many festivals and events to keep you entertained, including the famous Carnival of Venice or The Carnevale di Venezia — world famous for its elaborate masks. The carnival's origins date back to over a century, and ever since, the festive event has been held annually between February and March, enjoyed by people admiring the flamboyant masks and costumes. The Carnival of Venice also includes public shows and exhibitions with acrobats, dancers, musicians, jugglers and more. Experience the streets of Venice, laden with smiles and laughter, don a traditional Venetian mask and get into the spirit of the event. And after you're worn out from all the dancing and parading, you can retreat to your beautiful Belvilla holiday home right in the city.

Holiday homes in Venice

Winter holidays in Berlin

As soon as the Christmas lights go up, something giddy and cheerful awakens in us. Whether you enjoy the wintertime or not, the Christmas spirit always brings warmth, love and laughter. If you're planning on spending your winter holidays in Europe this year, visiting a Christmas market has to be on your list. And not just any Christmas market. Berlin's Charlottenburg Palace Christmas market is a firm fixture in our Europe winter attractions. Enjoy the palace's illuminated backdrop, stroll through the market village as you listen to Christmas carols, and tuck into a tasty morsel from one of the many food stalls. You can also drop your kids off at the special children's Christmas market - an enclosed separate space with rides for kids, while you enjoy your mulled wine or bratwurst in peace. So, what are you waiting for? Book a lovely Belvilla holiday home in Berlin and plan a winter trip to Europe just in time for the Charlottenburg Castle Christmas market.

Holiday homes in Berlin

Frequently Asked Questions about spending winter holidays in Europe

How many holiday homes does Belvilla have in Europe?

Belvilla has over 40,000 holiday homes all over Europe.

How should one pack for a winter trip to Europe?

Since most of Europe experiences cold, harsh weather, it is important to pack clothing layers and warm jackets. Be sure to bring thermal undergarments, waterproof footwear, warm socks and a thick coat along with you on your trip.

What type of holiday homes does Belvilla have?

Belvilla boasts a wide selection of holiday homes, differing in facilities, locations and even heritage. You can browse through the different categories and choose your stay according to your liking and budget.

How much do I pay per night for a holiday home?

The cheapest holiday homes can be found for less than 20 euros per night, depending on the season. However, if you want a bit more luxury and are travelling with a large group, the price of a luxury holiday home — a farmhouse with facilities such as a swimming pool or sauna — can reach thousands of euros.

Are Belvilla's holiday home facilities and amenities customisable?

Yes, you can customise and select your holiday home requirements and features you want to include by ticking the boxes on the left side of the search page.


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