Are you looking for a family summer holiday with a difference? How about a lakeside holiday? Sun, sea, and sand holidays are all very well, but wouldn’t it be nice to make a change from overcrowded, over-commercialized beaches?

Belvilla has been providing unique, delightful, affordable holiday rental accommodation of the highest quality since the 1980s. If you are thinking of planning a family lakeside holiday this year, Belvilla has some superb vacation properties all over Europe – 40,000 great rentals in all available in 20 European countries.

If you decide to book a family Belvilla lakeside holiday, before you even arrive at your destination, you must know how to keep your kids safe in what is potentially, a dangerous environment. Please take time to read through the following safety tips, take them on board, fully understand them, and most important of all – be sure to put them into place when on, near, or in the water.

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Lakeside relaxation

Before you begin your Belvilla Lakeside Family Holiday

  • The moment your children are old enough, ensure they understand they must never go near the water without a parent or adult in attendance. Don’t make them scared of the water! Just be with them and exude confidence.
  • You should think about buying your children some water or boating shoes. They provide more traction than either sandals or bare feet, and they serve to help protect your little one’s feet from rocks, sticks and broken glass.

When You Arrive at your Belvilla Holiday Accommodation

  • Make sure you latch, lock, or childproof every potential route between your little ones and the water.

At the Waterside Near Your Belvilla Holiday Rental

  • Never take your eyes off your child when on, near, or in the water. Tragedy can strike in seconds.
  • If the boating community where you stay offers a boat safety course suitable for children, and many do, get your little ones to attend – you should go too.

In the Water on Your Belvilla Holiday

Child swimming in a lake
  • If your child isn’t a strong swimmer, ensure they wear a life preserver. Water wings and other water toys alone are not good enough.
  • If your child or children are in the water, you should be there with them too.
  • Always keep your eyes on your children when they are in the water.
  • If the lakeside community holds children’s swimming lessons (as most do), get your child or children to attend – even if they already swim. You can never overdo child water safety.

On the Water during Your Belvilla Holiday

  • Make sure your children always wear a life-preserver when in a boat or canoe, or pedalo. Ensure the preserver is a good fit, neither too large nor too small. Test it by seeing if, by gripping the preserver only, you can lift your child. It’s the best way of ensuring it can’t accidentally slip over your child’s head when it’s needed most.

Your Belvilla family lakeside holiday will be great fun, providing you make sure your children are safe at all times, so please take care and observe the tips given above at all times.

Whether you prefer to hire a Belvilla lakeside family home or Belvilla holiday park accommodation on a lake, you’ll find plenty of choices.

Italy has some stunning lakes, and nearby Belvilla holiday rentals are always in great demand. You could hire a beautiful villa near the historic centre of Lazise and Lake Garda or you might prefer a lakeside apartment with a swimming pool overlooking the magnificent Lago Maggiore, framed by a beautiful, mountainous background.

How about a Belvilla lakeside holiday rental in Austria, on Lake Constance. It is the third-largest lake in Europe. When people think of Austria, they usually picture skiing holidays, and if that is what you want, you can book some excellent Belvilla ski holiday rentals.

But Austria is also home to some beautiful lakes, like the 10 reviewed on the Travel website.

Depending on which Belvilla lakeside holiday rental you decide to select, as well as water-related activities, there are also some wonderful trekking opportunities. They are the ideal location for families who love sailing, water skiing, or simply messing about on the water. You can choose from 551 rentals, including apartments, chalets, cottages, villas and holiday parks.

But don’t forget. Making sure that your little ones are safe when on, in, or near the water is vitally important. If you follow the safety tips given above, you won’t go wrong and you can look forward to a fantastic family lakeside holiday that will stay in everyone’s memories forever.

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