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Holiday cottages Cork & Kerry

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Choose a holiday in magical Southern Ireland.

Are you in search of a holiday home where you can simply get away from it all? Take a look at our range of properties for rent in Counties Cork and Kerry in Southern Ireland. Cork and Kerry are relatively easy and quick to reach, either by plane or by boat. The airport in Cork can be reached by direct flights and ships from the European mainland come into port at the harbour here. Once you arrive, it's easy to travel on to your holiday home in Cork or in Kerry. Whichever you choose, your holiday will be unforgettable. The charms of Southern Ireland can hardly be described in words: you simply must see for yourself!

Holiday homes in Cork

the bustling city in the county of the same name on the coast of Southern Ireland. Cork is the cultural centre of of the county that bears its name in Southern Ireland. In the far south of Southern Ireland, the River Lee flows through Lough Mahon into the Celtic Sea. Starting in the sixth century, a settlement took shape here that would grow into a thriving trade centre by the Middle Ages. The city's name is derived from the Irish word 'corcach', meaning marsh, because the city is built upon islands in a marshy area. Because of it's location on a bay, Cork in Southern Ireland has developed into one of the world's largest natural harbours. Nowadays the port city has a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere and it is also home to Southern Ireland's leading educational institutes. The University College Cork and the Cork Institute of Technology make the city very attractive to students and companies alike and ensure that the city continues to thrive.

The city's architecture is a unique blend of ancient and modern. It's most famous building is the Shandon church tower. Other examples of architecture from the Middle Ages and the period after that include Red Abbey, as well as the city's oldest tower, which dates to the fourteenth century, and two cathedrals. Saint Mary's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church completed in 1808 and Saint Finbarre's Cathedral is a Protestant church. Famous modern buildings include the tower at City Hall and the Elysian. The city is also home to many galleries and museums. The shopping district around Saint Patrick's Street and the Grand Parade has recently undergone renovations and the ancient city centre is a picturesque paradise for connoisseurs of fine dining.

The area around the city also offers an abundance of exciting activities. Climbing, walking, golfing, fishing, cycling and horseback riding are just a few examples of what you can get up to in Southern Ireland. Rising to over 700 metres, the Shehy mountains are the most highly elevated point in the county. Wooded valleys surround the banks of the rivers Blackwater and Brandon and the many tranquil lakes that dot the local countryside. The county also includes many islands just off the coast that can be reached by boat. You can enjoy a cruise from Baltimore to nearby Sherkin Island. These islands, with their diverse and stunning natural beauty, their flocks of sheep and occasional ancient ruins, are the perfect destination for peace and relaxation. The locals are eager to make you feel at home and you can even choose to rent a holiday home right here on one of these hidden getaways in Southern Ireland.

Holiday Homes in Kerry

Gorgeous nature on coastal and inland Southern Ireland. County Kerry is also situated in Southern Ireland, just to the west of Cork. Ireland's southwestern coast is truly a special place. The nature is astonishingly beautiful, featuring gorgeous, towering and often steep cliffs along with the highly diverse countryside as you head inland. The little town of Killarney is located in the southern part of County Kerry, flanked by numerous lakes. This area of Southern Ireland is also home to Carrauntoohil, Ireland's tallest peak at over 1,000 metres. The mountain range known as Macgillicuddy's Reeks is a favourite among hikers and sightseers along with Killarney National Park, where Ladies View offers one of the most amazing views in Southern Ireland. The Ring of Kerry is an unforgettable route through the entire county and you can can easily embark upon it from your holiday home, either by car or by bicycle. Along the way you'll pass through sleepy villages with a wealth of history and unbelievable scenery, for example, Waterville, which was a favourite retreat of Charlie Chaplin's. At the Bay of Dingle, you can take in the rugged coastline and, with a little luck, you might spot some sea lions or dolphins. Head a bit further south and you'll come to the impressive Skellig Rocks, which are definitely worth a visit.

Throughout Counties Cork and Kerry you can treat yourself to delightful fish and meat dishes, not to mention traditional foods such as black pudding and crubeens, which are proudly served here. No visit to the area would be complete without dropping by one of the many Irish pubs and bars where you'll enjoy the famous Southern Irish hospitality and friendliness. When you stay in a holiday home in Cork or Kerry in Southern Ireland, you'll experience the real Ireland from a friendly, fascinating and vibrant city nestled in a stunning landscape!

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