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Holiday Homes in Maasmechelen, Belgium

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Holiday Homes in Maasmechelen

An Unforgettable Holiday Awaits in Maasmechelen - Rent a Holiday Home!

As you wander through the cobblestone streets of Maasmechelen, Belgium, you can't help but fall in love with this picture-perfect city. Nestled among rolling green hills and quaint country homes is the bustling village of Maasmechelen. This small town is full of old-world charm and history. Home to a number of churches, museums and a beautiful castle on the outskirts of town, there's plenty to do and explore in Maasmechelen. 

For those looking for a peaceful getaway, there are plenty of holiday homes Maasmechelen are available. Renting an apartment or renting out a flat near the city centre is an ideal way to experience authentic Belgian culture while enjoying the peace and quiet of living in a traditional Belgian home. On warm summer days stroll through one of the many parks or take a walk along the canal to admire views of colourful gardens and historic architecture.

If shopping is more your thing then head to one of Maasmechelen's vibrant markets or boutiques – there's something for everyone! Enjoy sipping local beers at a café while watching street performers play live music or movie nights at the cinema before finally settling down in your holiday home after an eventful day spent exploring this delightful little city.

Uncover East Flanders' Hidden Gems with a Holiday Cottage in Maasmechelen

  1. Maasmechelen Village: Located just 20 minutes away from the bustling city of Maastricht, Maasmechelen Village is a luxury outlet shopping village that has something for everyone. As it is situated in a beautiful, tranquil setting, it offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. This open-air destination features more than 120 designer and fashion boutiques with discounts of up to 60% off. Whether you are looking for a stylish outfit, bag, and shoes, or something special for your home, Maasmechelen Village has something for you. With a wide range of cafes and restaurants, you can take a break and refuel before continuing your shopping spree.
  2. MECC Maastricht: MECC Maastricht, located in the heart of Maastricht, is a modern convention, exhibition, and event centre that is perfect for a day out. The venue features more than 1000 different events each year, ranging from concerts, theatre performances, sports competitions, conferences, and expos. This lush and spacious venue, with its state-of-the-art facilities, gives visitors the opportunity to experience something truly unique. Whether you are looking for a cultural outing or a business event, MECC Maastricht has something for everyone.
  3. Maasvallei Nature Reserve: Situated just outside Maasmechelen, the Maasvallei Nature Reserve is a true hidden gem. This stunning nature reserve is a perfect spot to explore the outdoors and observe the flora and fauna of the region. There are many walking and cycling paths, perfect for enjoying the breathtaking views of the area. You can also explore the unique landscape, with its diverse woodlands, meadows, marshes, and streams. With its abundance of wildlife, such as deer, birds, and wild boar, the Maasvallei Nature Reserve is perfect for a day of exploration and adventure.

A Sporting Holiday to Remember in Maasmechelen

Maasmechelen, Belgium is an area full of sporting opportunities for all ages. From the local community center to the local sports clubs, there are plenty of ways to stay active and have fun. 

If you're looking to beat the heat, head to Aquafun, a large outdoor waterpark with plenty of slides, pools, and attractions. Or you can take a leisurely walk around the lake to take in the beautiful scenery. 

If you're looking for a more competitive scene, Maasmechelen has plenty of sports clubs, including football, hockey, and tennis. The city also has several golf courses to enjoy. 

For a more low-key approach, try bowling or mini golf. There are also plenty of fitness studios, such as yoga and Pilates, to keep you in shape. 

Maasmechelen is home to several cultural attractions, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, that offer art and culture experiences. 

Maasmechelen is an amazing city for sports lovers. Whether you are looking to spend a few hours or a few days, you'll find something that fits your interests. So grab your gear and head to Maasmechelen to get active and have some fun!

Enjoy the Best of Maasmechelen: Unbeatable Comfort with Belvilla's Vacation Rentals

Maasmechelen is a popular holiday destination, offering a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, cultural exploration or simply to relax and appreciate the scenery, the city has something to offer everyone. Consider booking a stay at one of the many holiday homes in Maasmechelen – these provide the perfect base from which you can explore all that this charming corner of Belgium has to offer.

From breathtaking landscapes and rolling hills to quaint cobbled streets lined with traditional restaurants, there are plenty of sights to discover on foot or by bike in Maasmechelen. If you prefer water-based activities then take a trip downriver on one of many river cruise companies operating in the area – here you will see stunning views as you make your way along the Meuse River. Alternatively, why not take advantage of some fantastic hiking opportunities around town? With easy access trails meandering through forests and historical sites, it’s easy to find somewhere peaceful and beautiful for an afternoon stroll or indeed more ambitious walks throughout Belgium's Ardennes region. 

The nearby nature reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, badgers, foxes, and birds – visit during springtime when wildflowers are blooming everywhere! If shopping is more your bag then head over tot he pedestrianised centre where local markets often spring up selling crafts as well as food treasures like cheeses, cured meats, and delicious waffles or pancakes made fresh right there! 

For those who wish to enjoy some culture too, there are many museums scattered around Maasmechelen such as City Museum ‘t Vriethof which offers exhibitions exploring local history; while younger children may enjoy visits to Aardkasteel - an educational play centre where they can learn about their planet through interactive games - making it ideal for families with young children too! 

Stay at a holiday home Maasmechelen during your vacation then reap all the rewards this vibrant city has on offer – from outdoor activities like hiking trails & boat rides plus discovering traditional cult

Enjoy a Holiday in Maasmechelen Belgium with the whole Family 

Enjoy a holiday in Maasmechelen with your whole family as you reside in this holiday home and create memories of a lifetime. You will find all necessary amenities and facilities in and around the house at your disposal to make your holiday comfortable. There is a terrace to linger and enjoy your favourite beverage as you soak in the fresh air and a garden with furniture to enjoy a wholesome breakfast outdoors with your loved ones. The house is also airconditioned and equipped with central heating and free WiFi is available throughout the property.  

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Frequently asked questions about holiday in Maasmechelen

What are the best holiday activities in Maasmechelen?

Maasmechelen offers a variety of activities for visitors including shopping at the Maasmechelen Village Outlet Shopping Center, exploring the nearby countryside, visiting the Maasmechelen Zoo, and canoeing and swimming on the Meuse River

What are the top attractions in Maasmechelen?

The top attractions in Maasmechelen include the Maasmechelen Village Outlet Shopping Center, Maasmechelen Zoo, the Meuse River, and the nearby Kalmthoutse Heide nature reserve.

What kind of accommodation is available in Maasmechelen?

Maasmechelen has a wide range of accommodation options. Visitors can stay in hotels, holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, and camping sites.

What type of food can I find in Maasmechelen?

Maasmechelen offers a diverse range of local and international cuisines. Visitors can find traditional Belgian dishes, Italian food, Chinese food, and more.

What is the best way to get to Maasmechelen?

The best way to get to Maasmechelen is by car. The city is located on the E313 highway, which connects it to the nearby cities of Hasselt and Genk.


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