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Mindful holiday homes

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Holidays in a Mindful Belvilla

For a unique holiday experience a pure holiday environment is key, preferably with characteristic scents, colours, flavours and customs. Because, after all, you're going on holiday to discover and gain new experiences, aren't you?

Holiday home and sustainability

Being mindful of nature, the environment and the local population is extremely important for the preservation of this authentic experience. Sustainability has already become a key issue with many holiday homes.

For example, mindful energy and water consumption, harvesting vegetables from the organic vegetable garden or undertaking ecotourism activities. And the beauty of it is that it not only contributes to the future, but also to your own experience on the spot! In many of these accommodations, the four-legged friend is allowed to come along! So choose your holiday home with your dog now and get closer to nature together!

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Finding mindful Belvillas

Belvilla has made a selection of Mindful Belvillas for you. You can find them by selecting the 'Mindful' option under the 'Themes' menu. 

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Frequently asked questions regarding Mindful holiday homes

Can I rent a Mindful holiday homes with a discount?

Yes you can get a discount for a Mindful holiday homes. By registering for the newsletter you can get a € 50,- discount.


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